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Katharine Songstren

Yay Area Music helped me get started. They helped my music career get off the ground. The CEO was just a friend of mine, that saw I wanted to get into the music industry being a singer. He said you should try to make a career of it. I said I don’t think so I’m […]

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Erin Davies

Yayareamusic is the only platform I know that focuses on the underground bay area talent, and actually pushes the artists music fairly. Anyone can PAY for attention. Yayareamusic makes sure everyone is heard !

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Christine M. Patti

I decided to jump into partnership with this Emerging business model – The music industry consists of the companies and individuals that earn money by creating new songs and dances and selling live concerts and shows, entertaining us all with their audio and video recordings, compositions and sheet music. This organization and their associations that aid and represent their musical artists is top notch. I am […]

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